Waterless Powerwashing

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Intrepid I

intrepid I

The Intrepid I Waterless Powerwashing System is the perfect solution to regular power washers that use large amounts of water. When most typical pressure washing systems use between 5 and 8 gallons of water per minute, the Intrepid I unit uses between 1 and 30 gallons of water per hour. This eliminates the need for reclamation and filtration systems because the water Intrepid I uses will simply dissipate before entering storm sewers and groundwater.

Intrepid can run for hours, even days on a single reservoir, thus eliminating the need for an additional water source on site. Cities and municipalities around the country are cracking down on water usage and waste water disposal. Intrepid I eliminates this problem. Some cities are offering rebates for companies that use Intrepid for their commercial jobs.

Each unit includes a 185 cfm, 100 psig compressor, 49 HP diesel engine, two high volume venturi wands, single axle trailer, 35 gallon reservoir, aluminum toolbox and more. You can download our spec sheet here.

Intrepid II

intrepid II

The Intrepid II Waterless Powerwashing System offers the same great cleaning power as our Intrepid I unit, but is smaller and more compact for easy transport. The Intrepid II uses between 1 and 20 gallons of water per hour.

Just like Intrepid I, our Intrepid II unit eliminates the need to reclaim or filter any wastewater because there is no runoff. Intrepid II is great for smaller jobs or on sites that have limited space.

intrepid II

Each unit comes complete with a 70 cfm, 100 psig compressor, 25 HP gas powered engine, high velocity wand, heavy duty hose, a 1/4 inch venturi line, 35 gallon reservoir, small toolbox and 5 gallon presoak vessel.

Skid Mounts

Skid Mounts

With our skid mount setups you can turn your own air compressor into an Intrepid waterless powerwashing machine. Skid mount setups are built to handle large 185 cfm compressors, but can also run off smaller units.

Our skid mount setups have a 70 - 375 CFM, 100 psig compressor capacity, include a 50ft 3/4 inch supply hose, a 50ft 3/4 inch venturi hose, one 36" and one 24" high volume venturi wand, 35 gallon reservoir, a media control panel with hose connects and storage vessels for aggregate and presoak solutions.

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